Step 1: Complete Safety Training

All CEAF users must complete the Washington University in Saint Louis laboratory safety training and CEAF lab specific training.  External on site users will receive a Washington University ID number in order to access the University online system

External users (users not from Washington University in St. Louis) who will be performing work on site should contact the Lab manager about additional paperwork that must be completed.

Step 2: Register for a CEAF online instrument scheduling

Researchers and students from Washington University in Saint Louis should create an iLab account under their PI name.  If you do not find your PI name while registering your name, please contact Lab manager.  The Lab manager will contact iLab tech support to add the name.

Researchers and students should get the approval from PI to complete the iLab registration.

In addition, below other users can get an access to iLab:

  • Researchers and students from external academic institution/industry
  • Researchers requesting for a service work at CEAF 

Step 3: Access to the instrument

To operate an instrument, users must receive a practical training. Request for a required instrument training using iLab account or please contact Lab manger.

After successful completion of requested instrument training, users will receive the card or punch code to the lab and online access to the instrument calendar. Users must operate the instrument within the bounds of their training only.   

Step 4: Acknowledgment

All users who use the instruments at CEAF must acknowledge the facility in their publication, conference contribution or grant applications.

Step 5: Invoice

The usage cost of the each instruments will be shown in the invoice that will be sent by the end of the month.

If you have any questions regarding the use of CEAF, please e-mail: