The Chemical and Environmental Analysis Facility (CEAF) at Washington University in St. Louis is an open, shared instrument facility in the Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering.

The facility is open to personnel from academic institutions and industries with the goal of providing state-of-the-art instrumentation and technical expertise for a broad spectrum of sample analysis. The facility supports the chemical and environmental aspects of research in areas such as engineering, earth and planetary sciences, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. 

CEAF offers advice on sample preparation, quality control, data interpretation, equipment acquisition and analysis of samples. The CEAF staff is also in charge of educating users on analytical tools and sample analysis.

With a space of 9,000 square feet, the CEAF is equipped to conduct the analysis of both inorganic and organic samples, including elemental and molecular analysis, polymers, nanoparticles and biological analysis.

Facility is located in Brauer Hall and Whitaker Hall on the Danforth Campus. 

Our mission is to be a resource to the scientific and technical community for the advancement of research in a safe and environmentally benign manner.