Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX

Model: Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX

Location: 017 Brauer Hall

Description:  Ultracentrifuge is a high-speed centrifuge able to separate out colloidal and other small particles and used especially in determining the sizes of such particles or the molecular weights of large molecules. The Ultracentrifuge Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX can spin to as much as 150 000 rotations per minute (rpm) (equivalent to 1 000 000 g).


  • Available in 80,000, 90,000 and 100,000 rpm models, offering RCF up to 802,000 x g.
  • Low deck height (86.3 cm/ 33.9 in) makes rotor loading and unloading easy
  • Self-locking rotor system.
  • Intuitive full color LCD touch screen keeps operation and programming simple.
  • Automatic tube balance compensation accelerates sample preparation by allowing visual sample balancing up to 5 mm.

Typical uses:

  • High-performance applications in cell biology, drug discovery, nanotechnology.
  • A method of grading nanoparticles using ultracentrifugationin order to determine the accurate particle diameter.
  • Multiple cellular and subcellular separations, downstream bioprocessing
  • Cell harvesting, collection, clarification, purification, and concentration, vaccine production, density gradient separations.
  • Purify, as well as characterize, low-molecular weight polymers up to multi-mega Dalton protein complexes and organelles.


Per hour rateTrained userBy our service
Other departments at WUSTL$25$125
Other universities$40$100
Industry Corporate$80$200