Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Veeco Di 3100

Model: Veeco Di 3100

Location: 017 Brauer Hall

Description: AFM is capable of nanoscale surface topography and morphology measurements of a range of different surface types producing high resolution, three-dimensional images by scanning a sharp probe over the sample surface.


  • Metrology sub-Angstrom resolution.
  • 100×100 µm lateral dynamic range.
  • 5 µm vertical dynamic range.
  • Tapping Mode.
  • Contact Mode.
  • Allows for nanometer –scale investigation of cells and molecules.

Typical uses:

  • Imaging of almost any type of surface, including polymers, ceramics, composites, glass and biological samples.
  • Image the topography of soft biological materials in their native environments.
  • Probe the nano-mechanical properties of cells and extracellular matrices, including their intrinsic elastic modulus and receptor-ligand interaction.  


Per hour rateTrained userBy our service
Other departments at WUSTL$25$125
Other universities$40$100
Industry Corporate$80$200